NK Mugi759 French Oak Reserved

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The Japanese Dark Spirits Series sells valuable long-aged sake at a relatively low price, and the number of bottles is of course limited, so we expect it to be very crowded.
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French oak aging

When I was selecting the unblended sake for ``Kirausei'' released in 2021, I came across this 14-year-aged French oak barrel. When I first tasted this French oak barrel aged wine, I was truly surprised by its elegant taste. We wanted to share that excitement, and after more than a year, we were finally able to commercialize it.

About French oak barrels

The barrels normally used for whiskey are aged in barrels made from American oak, a wood native to North America. Most recycled barrels, such as bourbon barrels and sherry barrels, are also American oak.
As the name suggests, this French oak originates from France, and is basically about 150 to 200 years old, and you can only get about 1 barrel of wood from a 1 meter long log. There are several types of French oak, and the one we are using this time is Tronce oak. It is characterized by its long age of 2 to 300 years, and is a very expensive material used for making high-quality wine and brandy.
It is characterized by its fine grain, relatively low tannin content, relatively high oak lactone content, and a well-balanced content of aromatic polyphenols.

Elegant brilliance, fruitiness, smoothness

It has both an elegant and gorgeous aroma and taste. As time passes for 5 or 10 minutes after pouring into the glass, the aroma will develop into an elegant fragrance, and once it settles down, you'll begin to drink it, and you'll feel the refreshing aroma of grapes, plums, and a hint of vanilla and citrus.


JAPANESE DARK SPIRITS SERIES was started in order to further expand the possibilities of shochu. Our representative, Hashimoto, carefully selects or blends unblended sake from the best sake breweries across Kyushu and spreads it as a Japanese distilled liquor, as well as commercializing only unblended spirits that are comparable to the world's brown spirits. We will be selling them regularly, so please look forward to their release.

Product Details

Manufacturer Ebisu Sake Brewery
Alcohol content 43 degrees
kinds spirits
Raw material name -
malt Rice koji (white koji)
yeast Kagoshima No. 5 yeast
Distillation method blend
Aging method french oak barrel
Internal capacity 500ml
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