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Passion for barrel aging

Since the release of SHOCHU
Although Ebisu Sake Brewery is a shochu manufacturer, it started barrel aging in the 1960s. Aging is, of course, a time-consuming process. In addition to this knowledge, we also have old barrels that have been used for a long time, and in these days when barrels are running out, some of them are quite rare.

Single cask bottling

This NK Mugi 025 is aged in third-fill American oak barrels. Spirits also have color restrictions. It seems that the color has not changed considering the age, but even after 25 years, barrel-aged unblended sake that can be commercialized under this limit in a single cask is quite rare, and barrel aging has been carried out for a long time. It can be said that it is a product that can be made.
*Single Cask: Bottled from a single cask without blending the raw spirits from other casks.
*What is a third fill? The barrel used for aging for the first time is called a "first fill," but if you take the unprocessed sake out of that barrel, add a second round of unprocessed sake, and use it again for aging, it becomes a "second fill." A third addition and barrel aging results in a "third fill."

Delicate and bewitching taste

Sweet and rich, you can fully experience the flavor that can only be produced through long-term aging. It has an elegant aroma with honey-like sweetness and a hint of melon fruit. This is a bottle that has concentrated sex appeal due to aging.


JAPANESE DARK SPIRITS SERIES was started in order to further expand the possibilities of shochu. Our representative, Hashimoto, carefully selects or blends unblended sake from carefully selected sake breweries across Kyushu and spreads it as a Japanese distilled liquor, as well as commercializing only unblended spirits that are comparable to the world's brown spirits. We will be selling them regularly, so please look forward to their release.

Product Details

Manufacturer Ebisu Sake Brewery
Alcohol content 41 degrees
kinds spirits
Raw material name Nishinochikara
malt Rice koji (white koji)
yeast Kagoshima No. 5 yeast
Distillation method atmospheric distillation
Aging method american oak barrel
Internal capacity 500ml
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