A hot winter cocktail to warm your body

The cold days continue, how are you all doing?

This time we'll be introducing hot cocktails that will gently warm up your cold winter body.

It is recommended not only when you feel cold, but also after a meal or before going to bed.

Hot Buttered Kijina

Hot buttered rum, which is usually made with rum, has been adapted by ``Kijina'' .

The rich aroma of barley and butter combine to create an easy-to-drink cocktail that tastes like sweets.

This is a cocktail that you can enjoy even if you don't normally drink shochu.

--- Recipe ---

Kijina 30-40ml

150ml of boiling water

Maple syrup 20g

5-10g butter

Pour boiling water into a glass, then pour in the shochu.

Add butter and maple syrup and stir until butter is melted.

*Stir means to stir lightly with a spoon, etc.


ginger hot cocktail

This is an arrangement recipe for "Kirausei" with the scent of ginger and kabosu .

This is a SHOCHU X original cocktail that uses ginger liqueur, which has a warming effect on the body.

--- Recipe ---

Sparkling Star 45ml

Appropriate amount of hot water

ginger liqueur 10ml

Kabosu (or sudachi, lime slice)

Spiced shiso (if available)


Pour hot water into a hot glass, then pour in Kirausei and ginger liqueur in that order and stir.

Garnish with kabosu and spiked shiso (if you have it).