Made with integrity and easy to drink! |Mr. H, a “Kijina” drinker

This time, we interviewed Mr. H, who is a regular drinker of Kijina and said with a smile, ``Recently, I've started to feel the fun of connecting with the creators more. ' ' .


  • Ophthalmologist. People consume products on a daily basis, focusing on whether or not they can feel the love of the creator. He loves alcohol and has a considerable amount of alcohol stored in the liquor corner of his home.



─ How do you enjoy alcohol in your lifestyle?


I love alcohol, and I always enjoy it when I travel, and I enjoy it at home about 2-3 times a month. However, alcohol is actually not very strong.

I can't drink a lot, so I want to enjoy some delicious food.

I like simple alcoholic beverages that go well with food or can be enjoyed in cocktails.

When I first buy new alcohol, I try to taste it as it is, but I find that it's too strong to drink as is, so I mix it with something to enjoy it.

For example, shochu and awamori are often mixed with grapefruit or craft cola.

- What kind of alcohol do you often drink?


Lately, I have found myself reaching for ``distilled spirits'' such as shochu and awamori, which do not deteriorate even after opening.

Wine and other ``brewed liquors'' are good because they go well with food, but once you drink them out, they gradually oxidize, and since I'm not a strong drinker, I often end up not finishing the drink while it's still delicious.

Another appeal of distilled spirits is that they are easy to make into cocktails.

If I find a good drink that interests me, I buy it and enjoy it whenever I want without opening it right away.

I have a liquor corner at my house, and there are quite a few types of alcohol.

Please tell us your favorite points about “Kijina”.

One, I like that it's very interesting to make as a souvenir for someone.

It has a high-class feel, it's not an ordinary product, it has no expiration date, and it won't spoil, and if you buy it in bulk, it's easy to give it away as a souvenir if something happens.

I don't think anyone would dislike alcohol, so I find it useful.


The other thing is that it is made with integrity. I read the message that Mr. Hashimoto (representative of SHOCHU I sympathized with the fact that he had so many feelings that he wanted to convey and ended up using too many words, and I wanted to support him.

─ When you enjoy Kijina yourself, how do you drink it?


The alcohol isn't too strong, so I enjoy it with juice or with fruit and ice to make a frozen cocktail.

It has a mellow taste and no unpleasant taste, so it's easy to make into cocktails.

─ Lastly, please give a message to those reading this article!


SHOCHU X is truly a brand that is truly appealing.

I think it's really nice that it's made with the people who drink it in mind.

Also, it's easy to arrange, so I think it's easy to drink, not only for people who like alcohol, but also for people who don't like alcohol.

Thank you very much, H!