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A unique shochu that will take you to the next place.

What is the potential of “shochu”?
As we pursue the future and possibilities of shochu, we have commercialized a highly proof product that has never existed before. We will deliver the ultimate form of "SHOCHU X".
We have bottled a valuable unblended sake that will allow everyone who loves distilled spirits to experience the potential of shochu.


Unprecedented "shochu" that invites you to an unknown world

Distilled using a unique distillation technology.
The unblended sake, which brings out the maximum flavor of barley, is aged in jars for 10 years and bottled at 58 degrees.


Endless fragrance and lingering sound

An overwhelming scent spreads throughout the space.
The taste is deep and delicate. Definite barley flavor and spicy nuances derived from vanilla and jar storage. It leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth forever.
The sweet scent clings to the empty glass forever.

Birth story

Creating new value for “shochu”

"We will transform shochu and transform the experience through shochu." As we redefine the possibilities of shochu, what can bring out the flavor and flavor even more? I went all the way down to it. One hint was whiskey and brandy.
Something common to whiskey and brandy, which are highly valued around the world. They are "distillation" and "storage". As a result of thoroughly examining these two issues with shochu, we came across an unprocessed sake with an altitude of 58 degrees. It was a 58-proof unblended sake stored in a Tensaka cup in Fukuoka Prefecture, which aims to ``make world-class authentic barley shochu'' and pursues the value creation of shochu.

Birth story

The legal barrier of alcohol content

Honkaku shochu is stipulated by law to have an alcohol content of 45% or less. Commercialization at 58 degrees was achieved by overcoming many major obstacles.
Among the unblended sake produced in 2011, we stored some of the four bottles that were particularly high quality at a high alcohol content of 58%.
We considered commercializing the product under the label ``honkaku shochu'' (lower than 45%), but in order to convey the true nature of the original sake, we decided to commercialize it as a spirit item.


1. Double distillation to maximize the value of Rinwa

In the world of Western liquor, which is highly valued around the world, multiple distillations are commonplace. Shochu is basically distilled once, but that doesn't produce a refreshing taste. Finding meaning in multiple distillations, ``Rinwa'' distills twice at normal pressure using the only original distiller in the world. Rather than distilling twice in one distiller, the first and second distillations are done in different distillers.
Why distill twice using the original distiller? There are many reasons, but it is due to the high altitude aging that was necessary to create this aroma/taste of Rinwa.

2. Storage in jars at “58 degrees”

The world spirits mentioned above (whiskey, brandy, etc.) are aged for a long time with an alcohol content of approximately 60% or more.
However, Japanese authentic shochu is never aged above 45 degrees.
As one of the aging conditions, in addition to storage age, we believe that high alcohol content is an important factor, so we tried aging at high proof.
By aging the 58% unblended sake created through double distillation in the jar, Rinwa has succeeded in bringing out the full potential of the jar and the concept of "aging."

how to drink

First, take a small amount straight into your mouth, placing it gently on your tongue, and feel the taste.
(Shot glasses, grappa/brandy glasses are recommended)

[Twice up]
For those who feel that alcohol is strong, we recommend Twice Up.
Pour the same amount of natural water (room temperature) as Rinwa and it's done.
A different aroma rises from the glass than when drinking straight.

*Twice up: A way of drinking by pouring shochu into a glass and then adding the same amount of room temperature water as the shochu. It doesn't use ice like ice cream or mizuwari, and instead uses room-temperature water, so there's no risk of lowering the temperature too much or the ice melting and changing the taste.

Product Details

Manufacturer Heaven cup
Alcohol content 58 degrees
kinds spirits
Raw material name

Sachiho Golden (from Saga)
Harushizuku (produced in Fukuoka)

malt Barley koji (white koji)
yeast Kyokai No. 9 yeast for sake
Distillation method

Ten-cup type steaming (steaming twice at normal pressure)

Aging method Jar
Internal capacity 500ml


Heaven cup

Founded in 1898 (Meiji 31). We have been making shochu for generations under the motto of ``making authentic barley shochu that we can be proud of around the world.'' The first brewery in Japan to produce authentic shochu made from 100% barley. He is also known for putting his life into creating the ``Definition of Honkaku Shochu,'' a law enacted in 2002 to establish the status of Honkaku Shochu.
In order to increase the value of authentic shochu, we use only "Nirow Barley" from Fukuoka and Saga Prefectures, ferment at low temperatures with white koji and ginjo yeast, and perform our own proprietary distillation and brewing and distillation methods. We continue to produce authentic barley shochu with a mellow barley flavor and a distinctive aged taste. The representative brand is Craftsman Tada.

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