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A miraculous 28-year-aged unblended sake spun by a thorough philosophy


After 28 years of aging, the alcohol content has settled down to 37%, and it is full of delicate depth and mellowness. It also has the potential to be used as a digestif similar to lower-strength European spirits, and represents a breath of fresh air into Japan's food and beverage scene. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the beautiful depth and sweetness that 28 years have created.

・Due to the limited number of bottles, each person can only purchase up to 2 bottles.・Please refrain from purchasing for resale.・Delivery will begin after early February.・Ends once sold out.

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When this original sake was distilled in 1995, the whiskey industry was in an unprecedented winter, Niigata's ``Tanrei Karakuchi'' sake was all the rage, and shochu was on the eve of a revolution. Then, in 2000, the third shochu boom arrived, and in 2003, consumption of shochu finally surpassed that of sake, making it a historic hit. Although I, Hashimoto, did not directly experience the third shochu boom, I have heard that the excitement at that time was tremendous, and that all manufacturers were constantly short of products. Around this time, the shochu market experienced an unprecedented boom, and a situation was created in which all sorts of products were selling. Even in these times, the distillery, Ebisu Sake Brewery, adhered to the policy of consistently adhering to strict quality standards and only commercializing unprocessed sake that had been aged for at least three years. Therefore, despite the rapid increase in market demand, it is truly a miracle that Ebisu Sake Brewery's philosophy allowed the sake to mature for 28 years without being released into the world. After 28 years of aging, the alcohol content has settled down to 37%, which coincidentally feels like it has the potential to be used as an after-dinner drink like a European distilled spirit. Please enjoy the delicate depth and mellowness created by 28 years.

spec <br>Manufacturer: Ebisu Sake Brewery <br>Alcohol content: 37%
Type: Spirits <br>Raw material name: Nishinochikara <br>Koji: Rice malt (white malt)
Yeast: Kagoshima No. 5 yeast <br>Distillation method: atmospheric distillation <br>Aging years: 28 years <br>Aging method: American oak barrels 500ℓ
Contents: 500ml

Ebisu Sake Brewery
Founded in 1888. Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where the brewery is located, is located in the middle reaches of the Chikugo River, the largest river in Kyushu.The fertile Chikushi Plain, which spreads along the flow of the river, is a major granary region of Kyushu, producing crops such as rice, wheat, and soybeans. It is a land of lush greenery. This is a historic sake brewery that has been brewing authentic shochu for about 135 years. With the motto "Aging is time. Time is nature."
・Continue to pursue high-quality shochu production while preserving traditional manufacturing methods
・We value the original flavor of shochu and do not use any additives.
- Ship fully matured products after a storage period of at least 3 years.





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