Introducing arranged cocktails suitable for autumn.

[Cocktail Recipe] Sparkling Martini

The martini, which is usually made with dry gin, has been arranged with "Kazei" .

This is an exquisite cocktail that has the rich aroma and sweetness of barley, as well as a sharpness.

How about having it as a companion on a quiet night?

--- Recipe ---

Sparkling Star 45ml

Sake 15ml

Stir the ingredients, pour into a martini glass, and garnish with rice ears (if using).

Please come and experience the world of koji distilled alcohol at ``Kazei'' .

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Kijina Cocktail Recipe

This is an arrangement recipe for ``Kijina'' that has a beautiful contrast between matcha and autumn leaves .

Matcha and lime bring out Kijina's rich barley aroma, creating a refreshing cocktail.

Perfect for entertaining cocktails.

--- Recipe ---

Kijina 40ml

Matcha liqueur 15ml

10ml lime juice

Add all ingredients and ice to a shaker, shake, and pour into a cocktail or rocks glass.

Decorate with autumn leaves (if available).

The essence of "Kijina" that comes after the matcha and lime gives you a Japanese atmosphere along with the appearance of autumn leaves.