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When returning the sparkling star to room temperature, the label will easily peel off due to water droplets, so please wipe it off frequently.

Collaboration products with "1983 J.CAVIAR Osetra Royal", the highest grade of domestic caviar, are on sale for a limited time.
A pairing that allows you to feel the depth of time, with specially selected top-quality caviar from domestic Ossetra, which ranks among the top-ranked farmed caviar, and aged barley shochu with an alcohol content of 43%, which is mellow and elegant. Please enjoy.


This is the highest quality caviar that has been specially selected from among the domestically produced Ossetra, which ranks high among farmed caviar.
Can withstand long-term aging Large eggs make up about 1% of the total. And the larger the caviar, the more flavorful it will be.
This Ossetra Royal is the highest quality Japanese caviar, carefully selected by caviar masters from among the large fresh caviar of Russian sturgeon, and aged for over 6 months using expert craftsmanship. The color of this type of caviar ranges from dark gray brown to dark green, and you can enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture, pleasant sea aroma, high-quality sweetness, deep richness, and hazelnut-like aftertaste.


This aged barley shochu has an alcohol content of 43% and is mellow and elegant, just like the music of countless stars.
This is an exquisitely balanced blend of three spirits aged in Solera Sherry casks for 19, 17, and 15 years, and a 10-year normal-pressure tank-aged whiskey, followed by a 7-year vacuum tank aging. This 7-year vacuum tank-aged whiskey acts like a wheel, giving it a smooth taste. Grain is just as important as malt in blended whisky, and it is also an essential element in this sparkling star.

Japanese Aging Collaboration

Miyazaki caviar and Fukuoka barley shochu: A new experience where two maturations harmonize


1983JCAVIAR is a caviar that takes advantage of Japan's fish roe aging culture and uses as little salt as possible to bring out the flavor. It is used in three-star restaurants, airline first class, and banquets for state guests.
This time, we happened to come across "Kirausei", which has a whiskey flavor, and our first collaboration with shochu was realized. Take a sip of our highest-ranked "Osetra Royal from Miyazaki Prefecture." Next, I took a sip of “Kirausei” straight. Feel the wonderful harmony of aging.


SHOCHU By combining this with original concepts, we are challenging ourselves to imagine the future of shochu. Like shochu, 1983 JCAVIAR was born in Kyushu. The encounter with ``Aged Barley Shochu Kiraboshi'', which is a blend of the highest quality ``Aged Caviar'' and 19-year-old sherry barrels, is a memory that can only be described as ``delicious.'' It is a blissful pairing that will remain in your life.

A blissful collaboration that has reached its peak of maturity.

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Product Details

Manufacturer Ebisu Sake Brewery
Alcohol content 43 degrees
kinds barley shochu
Raw material name -
malt Rice koji (white koji)
yeast Kagoshima No. 5 yeast
Distillation method

atmospheric distillation

Aging method Sherry barrel, enamel tank
Internal capacity 500ml


Ebisu Sake Brewery

Founded in 1888. Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where the brewery is located, is located in the middle reaches of the Chikugo River, the largest river in Kyushu.The fertile Chikushi Plain, which spreads along the flow of the river, is a major granary region for Kyushu, producing crops such as rice, wheat, and soybeans. It is a land of lush greenery. A historic sake brewery that has been brewing authentic shochu for approximately 135 years. With the motto "Aging is time. Time is nature."
・Continue to pursue the production of high-quality shochu while preserving traditional manufacturing methods ・We value the original flavor of shochu and do not use any additives ・We ship products that have been stored for at least 3 years and have matured sufficiently

We adhere to these three basic policies and specialize in long-term aged shochu.

*Products cannot be purchased at the manufacturer. please note

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