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Like butter or caramel

``Washuka'' is a rice shochu, but what kind of taste comes to mind when you hear the word rice shochu?
``Washuka'' is not the ``refreshing/fruity type'' rice shochu that is widely distributed.
The rich, deep, and sweet flavor of Kuma shochu from the Hitoyoshi-Kuma region of Kumamoto, which is also certified by GI, has been aged for 14 years to bring out its true value. The taste is unanimously described by everyone who drinks it as ``like butter or caramel.''

*GI: When a product's quality or evaluation is derived from its geographical origin, it is an indication that specifies the country of origin of that product. Also known as Geographical Indication.


After atmospheric pressure distillation, it is aged in tanks for 14 years to bring out the characteristics of the rice.
It expresses the rich, deep, and sweet flavor that is unique to rice shochu.


like butter

When placed in a glass, the sweet aroma will develop over time.
When you put it in your mouth, the sweetness and richness gradually spread, with hints of butter, caramel, milk candy, and freshly cooked rice. The aftertaste lingers comfortably.

What is Kuma Shochu?

Kuma Hitoyoshi is an inland basin, and the Kuma River, one of Japan's three major rapids, flows down like an arrow through its center.
When it rains on the surrounding mountains, the rainwater flows from the mountain surface through the many layers of geological formations, forming underground water veins and flowing into the Kuma River.
In other words, the mountains act as giant filters, and the basins are blessed with clear, abundant groundwater. The climate is incredibly cold for southern Kyushu, and this unique regional condition has given birth to high-quality rice and the ``Kuma shochu'' made from it.


Long-term aging in tanks

Old sake is not something you can just let sit. Technology for storage is required.
Rokucho Sake Brewery, a distillery, has spent nearly a century honing advanced storage techniques. An important condition is that the temperature does not change much throughout the year, so we store it in a place that maintains a constant temperature without being influenced by the basin of the Hitoyoshi-Kuma region.
By aging for 14 years, the aroma becomes rich and aromatic, and the taste becomes rounded, with a wide and full flavor, creating a well-balanced bottle.

how to drink

If you put it in a glass and swirl it slowly, the sweet scent will gradually open up as it comes into contact with the air.
Experience the profound taste of Washin as it is.

[Directly roasted] (Jikikan)
In the Hitoyoshi and Kuma regions, where shochu is produced, the traditional way to drink shochu is to heat it directly over an open flame in a drinking vessel called a ``gara''.
If you soak ``Washuka'' in the same way as you would warm Japanese sake, and sip it in your mouth, you will experience an even richer flavor.

Product Details

Manufacturer Rokucho Sake Brewery
Alcohol content 40 degrees
kinds rice shochu
malt White koji
yeast CAN1
Distillation method

atmospheric distillation

Aging method enamel tank
Internal capacity 500ml


Rokucho Sake Brewery

Founded in 1923. Located in the foggy village of Nishiki-cho, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, this brewery has inherited 500 years of history and traditional techniques, using locally grown rice and clear groundwater from the Kuma River system as raw materials. Among the many Kuma shochu breweries, the main focus is storage aging using atmospheric distillation, and they have spent nearly a century honing advanced storage techniques.

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