We have started an ethical discount campaign where you can get 500 yen off if you choose no box.

If you do not need the product packaging box when purchasing, we will start the "SHOCHU

It's been about a year and a half since plastic bags became chargeable in July 2020. It has become natural for us to carry our own bags and eco-bags, and I think we have more opportunities to reconsider our lifestyles that rely on plastic for things other than plastic bags, and to think about the environment. There is also a movement in the restaurant industry to stop using plastic tableware and cutlery and switch to paper and wooden ones.
In addition to own bags and eco-bags, various cities and companies are promoting the use of personal bottles, and in order to reduce the use of single-use plastic products such as plastic bottles, people can bring their own bottles to refill their water supply. We are installing a water stand.

In a user interview for SHOCHU X, a woman in her 20s said, ``I have purchased products from SHOCHU I feel that the experience when it arrives is very wonderful, but when I buy it for myself, I have trouble disposing of the packaging.If you think about the environment, it is possible to eliminate the packaging of the product. Is that so?” were the opinions raised.
In response to these opinions, SHOCHU I will do it.

Campaign overview <br>Period: 1/28~
Target products: All products Product page: https://www.shochu-x.jp/products

Future developments <br>This time, we have decided to conduct an ethical discount campaign based on the opinions raised during SHOCHU X user interviews. In the future, SHOCHU

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