"How about barley shochu as a gift for Father's Day? Explaining how to choose and things to be careful about."

Father's Day is a national holiday celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year in Japan. On this day, many people give gifts to their fathers to express their gratitude. Shochu is one of the most popular gifts for fathers. This time, we will introduce the reasons for giving shochu on Father's Day, as well as some recommended shochu.

Reasons to give shochu on Father's Day

The first reason people give shochu as gifts on Father's Day is because their fathers love shochu. Shochu, like sake, is one of Japan's traditional alcoholic beverages and is a distilled alcoholic beverage. Due to its high alcohol content, it is satisfying to drink and goes well with food. Also, drinking shochu with your father can strengthen the bond between parent and child.

In addition, the taste and aroma of shochu differs depending on the region, so by choosing the type of shochu to gift, you can learn about the culture and climate of that region. Furthermore, since shochu has been deeply connected to Japan's climate and history since ancient times, giving it as a gift allows your father to experience Japanese culture.

Recommended shochu

Next, we will introduce recommended shochu to gift on Father's Day.