I started a podcast “Shochu Yaro Radio”

[Started a podcast]

I started a podcast called "Shochu Yaro Radio." Our representative, Hashimoto, will be speaking alone to share about the lifestyle surrounding shochu. I will invite a guest and broadcast it soon.

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5tJ6N5HQ3hpbypAzZXPjMI?si=9309369574754bf3

anchor fm: https://anchor.fm/keisukehashimoto

■Program Overview This official podcast broadcasts the lifestyle surrounding shochu by a person who focuses on shochu. We will also have people from various industries as guests, and we will talk about the behind-the-scenes stories and what we think the future of shochu is and brand building.

Part 1: Self-introduction and TRANSFORM SHOCHU
How I became addicted to shochu / Learning about the current state of sake / Curious about the shochu industry / Learning about the current possibilities and challenges / Even though shochu is a distilled alcohol, drink it as a drink with meals / The mission of TRANSFORM SHOCHU / The world's distilled alcohol scene It is important to sell shochu to Japan / What I would like to do in the future

Part 2: Barrel aging of shochu (Part 1): Regarding shochu color regulations and our brand product “Kirasei”
Reflection from last time / Can you add color to shochu? / Light regulation / Barrel aging brings color / Old Japanese sake and Shaoxing wine (yellow wine) are not derived from barrels / History of barrel aging of shochu / Background of color regulations / How to remove color / For spirits and liqueurs You can add color / Kousei is commercialized as a shochu product / Blended whiskey is not all about malt / The grain is vacuum distilled / Darkness of color does not mean good taste

Part 3: Barrel aging of shochu (Part 2): Shochu is made using koji and one-time distillation. Regarding the correlation of barrel aging.
Going to a bar in Nishi-Azabu that you can't usually go to / Yamazaki Distillery's Shimaji limited edition bottle / Drinking the longest aging and most expensive bottle of your life / Looking back on the previous time / Koji in shochu / Single distillation brought about by koji / Distillation has tripled the alcohol content / What is parallel multiple fermentation / The taste of single distillation / Cask entry / The future of shochu barrel aging / About the products that SHOCHU X is preparing