A higher-grade rich taste brought only by luxurious wheat - Introducing "Kijina" -

The authentic shochu ``Kijina'' is SHOCHU X's first product and a product that symbolizes the brand.

This time, we will tell you the secret story behind the birth of "Kijina", its characteristics, and recommended ways to drink it.

The brand started with this one bottle. Secret story of the birth of “Kijina”

I (Hashimoto) originally worked in the shochu industry.
At that time, I felt that the potential of Japanese shochu was huge, but at the same time I was acutely aware that we were lagging behind other industries in terms of branding and marketing.

This scene became my original experience, and I decided to launch a shochu brand.

(Hashimoto is on the left)

When we were launching a shochu brand and selecting a partner manufacturer, one of the sake breweries we really wanted to work with was Ebisu Sake Brewery in Fukuoka.

I remember like it was yesterday how delicious and impressed I was with the representative brand "Keiko To Narumo" for the first time.

Above all, I learned that the origin of the name comes from "Don't be a chicken's mouth, but don't be a cow's tail." What impressed me the most was that even a small shochu brewery takes this approach to making shochu.


I met Mr. Tanaka, president of Ebisu Sake Brewery, when I was working in the shochu industry, and we had known each other since we attended events together and often met at events.

When I expressed my thoughts to President Tanaka, he immediately agreed to work with me.

And in July 2020, “Kijina” was born with the brand launch.

(Thankfully, we were able to receive support purchases of approximately 1.6 million yen through the crowdfunding site "Makuake.")

URL ( https://www.makuake.com/project/shochux/ )

Kijina's unique points

Not only is it aged for 5 years, but the most important point is that it uses a manufacturing method called ``zenkoji 3-stage preparation.''

To put it simply, we use three times more barley koji than usual.

Shochu is manufactured through the steps of ``preparation'' → ``brewing'' → ``distillation'' → ``storage'' and is a distilled alcoholic beverage that easily reflects the aroma and taste derived from the raw materials directly. Of course, manufacturing processes such as "distillation" and "storage" are important, but I believe that the identity of shochu, compared to other distilled spirits, lies in the "brewing" process.

By using ``3-stage preparation of whole koji'' in the ``brewing'' stage, the original aroma and taste of the barley, which is the raw material, is reflected in the unprocessed sake.Furthermore, it is aged for 5 years in the ``storage'' stage, so it is truly `` You can enjoy the rich, higher-grade flavor that only luxurious barley can bring.

Recommended way to drink

Please enjoy it straight first.
Next, we recommend "mixed with water" and "split with hot water."

water split

We recommend using a 1:1 ratio and adding just half the amount of water.

By diluting the richness of ``Kijina'' with water, it becomes refreshingly rich and has a gentle barley flavor, making it the perfect drink to accompany a meal. It goes perfectly with Japanese food.

Hot water allocation

As the weather gets colder, I think there is no greater luxury than drinking hot water.

As with hot water, we recommend a 1:1 ratio. Kijina's hot water mix allows you to fully enjoy the sweetness of the barley.

If you want to add an extra step, try combining Kijina and water in a 1:1 ratio first, then heat it in a kettle until it reaches body temperature. The taste will definitely be mellower than just mixing it with hot water. Please try by all means try.

Kijina Naming Secret

“Nozomi” of hope
“Tsugu” of succession/inheritance
“Na” has the meaning of possibility and positivity
These factors came together to create the brand name ``Kijina''.
As the first product, it has the meaning of ``connecting hopes and possibilities toward a bright future through the bonds between people.''
Because of the origin of this name, many people use it as a gift.

SHOCHU X is a brand that continues to challenge the creation of new shochu while preserving the goodness of traditional Japanese shochu.

Kijina was born with the help of a sake brewery in Japan with unique manufacturing technology and an original product concept.

We sincerely hope that through SHOCHU