[Preserved version] Perfect for SHOCHU X's shochu! 10 convenience store snacks

This time, we'll be introducing some of our staff's recommended snacks that go perfectly with SHOCHU X's shochu and are easily available at convenience stores.

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■Snacks with a strong taste

SHOCHU Combined with the refreshing taste of shochu, you can't help but grab your chopsticks and glass.

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① Golden Pork Braised / Seven Premium Gold

As the package says, the braised pork is so tender that it can be loosened with chopsticks.

An exquisite dish that combines the flavor of pork fat with a sweet and spicy sauce.

SHOCHU X staff also like it.

② Shrimp and mushroom ajillo style / Seven Premium

A dish with an appetizing aroma of garlic.

It's not too greasy, so you can eat it as is.

It's also delicious to eat baguette while dipping it into the flavorful soup.

③ Mapo eggplant / 7-Eleven

Authentic mapo eggplant with crunchy, soft eggplant and pepper.

SHOCHU X's shochu goes well with rich, well-seasoned Chinese food.

④Shrimp gratin / 7-Eleven

Shrimp gratin with a strong milky taste.

You can enjoy the creamy richness and aroma of grilled grains, complemented by the sharpness of the shochu.

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■Snacks with a refreshing taste

The refreshing taste of the snacks brings out the aroma and aftertaste of the shochu.

If you're not sure which snack to pair with, try choosing a refreshing snack that makes it easy to feel the personality of SHOCHU X.

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⑤ Grilled mackerel / Seven Premium

The refreshing taste of mackerel seasoned with vinegar brings out the uniqueness of the shochu. The aroma of grilled meat is the accent and the taste is so delicious that you will never get tired of it.

It comes with soy sauce and wasabi, and you can eat it straight from the package.

⑥Potato salad / Seven Premium

The fluffy potatoes bring out the aroma of the fragrant shochu.

It goes well with a hearty potato salad that gives you the flavor of potatoes. It's also delicious with a sprinkle of black pepper for an accent.

⑦Cheese (cream cheese, camembert cheese, etc.)

Cheese, which is one of the ingredients easily available at convenience stores, also goes well.

If you like, we recommend adding yuzu pepper, raw ham, honey, salted kelp, etc. to enjoy a different flavor.

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Don't you find yourself craving something sweet when you get used to drinking alcohol?

It may come as a surprise, but shochu also goes well with sweets.

Here we will introduce sweets that go well with SHOCHU X.

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⑧Mame Daifuku / 7-Eleven

In fact, shochu and red bean paste go very well together, so we also recommend yokan and dorayaki, but the SHOCHU X staff likes mame daifuku.

The rich aroma of SHOCHU X's shochu brings out the aroma of the beans and is very delicious.

⑨ Rich gateau chocolate / 7-Eleven

This is Hashimoto's favorite from SHOCHU X.

Gateau chocolate is rich and delicious even as it is, and it tastes just like high-quality chocolate.

⑩Essel Super Vanilla / Meiji

You can eat it as a snack, but we also recommend adding a little shochu to vanilla ice cream and having it as a dessert for adults.

SHOCHU X is always kept in the staff's refrigerator.

Shochu originally served as a drink to accompany meals. Now that the quality of convenience store food has improved, please feel free to try it out.