Kijina -Father's Day Label 2023-

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Kijina Father's Day Limited Label

This Father's Day, we are offering exclusive Father's Day labels that are exclusive to SHOCHU Masu.

The refreshing blue color is reminiscent of the rainy season and early summer, and we designed it to match the blue-based Father's Day gift. Additionally, we will begin accepting orders that allow you to specify the arrival date as Father's Day, June 18, 2023.

* E- gifts are recommended on the day before and on the day of Father's Day. We offer e- gifts that allow you to send gifts online, such as LINE , DM , and email. Please feel free to use it if you forgot to prepare it.

An original message card can also be included.
Why not express your gratitude in words to your father, who is usually too shy to express his gratitude?

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A rich, higher-grade taste brought only by luxurious wheat.

Although shochu is a distilled alcoholic beverage, we believe that its identity lies in the brewing process.
``Kijina'' is a barley shochu, but the same goes for potato shochu and rice shochu.
Using a manufacturing method called ``All Koji 3-stage preparation'', we lock in only the good taste and aroma of the barley, and bottle it after aging for 5 years.


The true value of barley shochu

Luxurious use of barley koji.
It is brewed using a 3-stage all-koji process that brings out the full flavor of the barley, and after distillation, it is aged in tanks for 5 years.


It's like freshly baked toast.

Smells like bread and bitter chocolate.
Rich barley sweetness and a fine, mellow flavor. It has a light fruit flavor.


1. Ingredients that give the rich sweetness and richness of barley

The barley used in ``Kijina'' is two-rowed barley, ``Hoshun'' and ``Haruka Nijo,'' cultivated through years of research and development and the fertile Chikushi Plain.
``Hoshun'' has a sweetness reminiscent of fruit, and ``Haruka Nijo'' has a delicate, rich flavor that is unique to barley.

2. Three stages of whole koji preparation to bring out the maximum potential of barley

There are two characteristics of ``Zen-koji 3-stage preparation''.
・We use three times as much barley koji as usual, making it extremely luxurious. ・To make authentic shochu that brings out the original taste of barley to the fullest with the power of koji, we use raw materials grown with koji mold (rice koji, barley koji, etc.) Currently, the mainstream preparation method is two-stage preparation, in which a second mash is made and then the steamed main ingredients are poured over it for a second mash and fermentation.
On the other hand, in ``Zenkoji 3-stage preparation'' , koji is used not only for the first preparation, but also for the second and third preparation. For shochu, the quality and quantity of koji are important, so this ``all-koji 3-stage preparation'' can be said to be a very luxurious method for making shochu. Although it takes time and money, it brings the original taste of barley to ``Kijina''.

3. Aging brings out the depth of the wheat and the mellow richness

The wine is aged for 5 years in enamel tanks, where it is not affected by external influences such as the transfer of scent from the storage container. Therefore, the original taste of barley can be expressed. In addition, after 5 years of aging, the fruit-like sweetness of the barley changes to a deep, rich sweetness, and in addition to the natural sweetness of the barley, it brings a fine and mellow richness.
A bottle that can only be created by aging for 5 years, using Ebisu Sake Brewery's 135 years of technology, and paying close attention to the raw materials without sparing effort or cost. That is "Kijina".

Product Details

Manufacturer Ebisu Sake Brewery
Alcohol content 40 degrees
kinds barley shochu
Raw material name Hoshuun, Haruka Nijo (two-row barley)
malt Barley koji (2 white koji: 1 black koji)
yeast Kagoshima No. 5 yeast
Distillation method atmospheric distillation
Aging method enamel tank
Internal capacity 500ml


Ebisu Sake Brewery

Founded in 1888. Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where the brewery is located, is located in the middle reaches of the Chikugo River, the largest river in Kyushu.The fertile Chikushi Plain, which spreads along the flow of the river, is a major granary region for Kyushu, producing crops such as rice, wheat, and soybeans. It is a land of lush greenery. A historic sake brewery that has been brewing authentic shochu for approximately 135 years. With the motto "Aging is time. Time is nature."
・Continue to pursue the production of high-quality shochu while preserving traditional manufacturing methods ・We value the original flavor of shochu and do not use any additives ・We ship products that have been stored for at least 3 years and have matured sufficiently

We adhere to these three basic policies and specialize in long-term aged shochu.

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