Kura Master2022 Judge Award Commemoration Present Campaign has started

[Kura Master2022 Judge Award Commemoration]

・“NAGOMI” is like butter or caramel.

・Désir, a fragrant shochu glass

The above set will be presented to one person by lottery.

▼Please apply from the URL below


◆Background of the gift campaign

“Washuka” was selected as the 1st place in the rice shochu category at the shochu/awamori competition “Kura master 2022” held in France.

Unfortunately, we were not selected for the President's Award (the highest award), but we have been friends with GLASSBACCA, the company behind Desir, which will receive the same award, and we have decided to run a campaign with them.

For more information, check out the podcast “Shochu Yaro Radio” that was recorded the other day.

#4 Guest = GLASSBACCA Yoto Yoneyama: Expanding the world through glass

We talk about it in detail here. Please listen to it.


If you drink Desir, you can feel the essence of rice shochu.

A supreme shochu experience awaits all alcohol lovers who want to try it at least once.