12/18 (Sun) - Hot water and warmed sake - @SOIL Nihonbashi

[Event Notice]
On Sunday, December 18th, we will be holding a Kakuuchi style year-end party at SOIL Nihonbashi ( @soil_nihonbashi ) after the workshop (Yoro's Lecture).

◆Rascal's course
-Hot water and hot sake-

One of the characteristics of Japanese sake (shochu/sake) made with koji is that it tastes delicious when warmed. Shochu is the only distilled spirit in the world that can be used at such a wide range of temperatures, whether it is chilled with ice or heated with hot water. By heating it, you can bring out the unique flavor of shochu.
The temperature of hot water, the order in which it is poured, the proportions... Just as the taste of a cocktail changes depending on the bartender, you will experience the world of mixing hot water and making shochu, which changes depending on how it is made.
*Reservation required. Please contact us by email or DM with your name, phone number, and number of people. Applications will be closed as soon as the capacity is filled.

◆Kakuuchi year-end party
We hold a banquet to relieve the hardships and sorrows of this year and welcome the new year with a fresh feeling.
Along with 2-3 small dishes, you can enjoy SHOCHU X products and additionally carefully selected shochu and distilled spirits.
Everyone is welcome, whether you're a fan or have never tried it before. We look forward to it.

◆Rascal's Lecture - Hot water and kanchu -
Date and time: December 18, 2022 15:00-16:00
Venue: SOIL Nihonbashi ( @soil_nihonbashi )
Lecturer: Keisuke Hashimoto ( @keisuke_hashimo )
Membership fee: 3000 yen
Capacity: 6 people

◆Kakuuchi year-end party
Date and time: December 18, 2022, 16:00-20:00 (after the workshop)
Venue: SOIL Nihonbashi ( @soil_nihonbashi )
Membership fee: free 4000 yen, 1 cup 800 yen (includes small meal)
Capacity: 20 to 30 people ( We would appreciate it if you could contact us in advance via @shochu_x DM or email and write the number of people)