We have renewed our brand and launched new products.

Over a year has passed since its release, and as we continue to have conversations with customers, we have begun to see what needs to be done with SHOCHU X and what needs to be improved.

Therefore, we have decided to reconsider the value we provide to our customers under the name "SHOCHU

Under the slogan "TRANSFORM SHOCHU," we strive to create not only products with original concepts, but also new experiences, and aim to become a brand that can compete on the world stage.

Kiraboshi *New release

Concept: The perfect balance of mellow and elegant.

Characteristics: A perfectly balanced blend of 15-19 years of sherry barrel aging, 10 years of normal pressure tank aging, and 7 years of vacuum tank aging.

Aroma/Taste: Vanilla, blonde chocolate, cinnamon scent.

Although it has a rich woody taste, it has a soft texture that spreads throughout the tongue. Subtle taste of raisins and dried fruits.

Capacity/Price: 500ml/9,500 yen (tax included)